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Indigenous temazcal

These baths have been used by various indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica and North America for medicinal purposes of detoxification by sweating by herbal infusions.

Ideal to clean the body and connect with the earth returning to the womb.

This therapy is developed a few minutes from our hotel by natives of the area. Book a session to receive all the information and directions.

Duration 4 hours | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Feel the Call of an ancestral hourney. A night where you will meet the Ayahuasca Grandmother and have a deep healing and cleaning process in the external and the internal side of your body. 

Guided by Adalberto Pineda, Medicine man with more than 10 years in the path of ancestral medicines.

Press the botton below to get all the information

Duration 8 hours | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo


Advance Light Work & Chanelling

An amazing opportunity to change life programs, to heal and to seek guidance by a Thetahealing session guided by Emildo Carmona.

You can have 30 or 60 minutes of lightwork where you will speake to the therapist about the things that you want to work on

Duration 1 hour | Price: 80 $ | Ollantaytambo

El tratamiento de Reiki





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