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adventure tours

Duration 5 hours | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo

Day trip through the Ollantaytambo Mountains while listening to ancient stories told by the tour guide native to the area.

An incredible opportunity to travel part of the Sacred Valley and connect with all its essence in a unique walk in the town.

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Mujer en caballo galopante

Horse Riding

Mujer en Zip Line

Zip line jump

Go on an adventure through the air traveling through part of the mountains of Ollantaytambo through a Zip Line with local professionals.

An adventure without comparison and available to you a few minutes from our lodging.

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Duration 1 hour | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo

Join for a day full of emotion going throught different places rinding a quad, being guided by local experts into the route you choose. You can choose between several locations to run the adventure

ATV en la suciedad

quad motos

Duration Variable | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo

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Treking routes

Immerse yourself in the journey through the areas surrounding Ollantaytambo discovering the immensity of nature that houses the Sacred Valley from the Hand of Local Experts who know the ancient history of each of the routes in this beautiful area

Duration Variable | Price: Variable | Ollantaytambo





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